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Jul 25 - Jul 29
Sterling, VA

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"Your class was extremely informative and definitely made it possible for me to complete the exercises." - Jim M.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course...Thanks for providing me a solid foundation in one week." - Vinitha N.

"As an educator, I can truthfully say that your instructors were excellent teachers." - Lynn C.

"I was able to take a lot away from the training and will most certainly use that knowledge in my career." - Young K.

This is the Official CCE BootCamp® that will teach you what you need to know to successfully take the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)® certification examination.

The Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)® BootCamp is an intensive one week classroom and laboratory training course in computer forensic examinations. This course will teach you how to conduct forensically sound computer examinations and will prepare you to take the CCE certification testing.  The CCE BootCamp® is the classroom version of the CFTCO.COM online training course.  This is the original CCE BootCamp®.  

If you plan to testify in court, you the examiner, not the automated software product, must qualify as an "expert" witness. As an expert witness, you must know and be able to articulate what your automated software is doing.   Our course will teach you how data is stored, where the data is located and how to recover all of the data.  Our students will learn how to conduct thorough examinations and how to explain, interpret and draw the appropriate conclusions on what has been found and what it may mean.  Regardless of which automated product that you may use, you will understand what the product is doing and you will be able to explain or testify about how and what you have found.  We teach you how to conduct thorough examination, regardless of the tools that you use.

Our course will teach you the core forensic procedures that will apply to examining any operating system or file system.  During our course, we provide instruction on the logical structures of the FAT file system and the NTFS logical structures. We have thoroughly studied the NTFS operating system and feel that our NTFS course material cannot be matched anywhere. The NTFS section provides detailed instruction about the partition table, the boot record, bitmaps, the root directory, the MFT, headers, attributes, resident files, non-resident files, run lists, alternate data streams, etc.  

Our training focus is not only on forensic recovery techniques, but on ensuring that what you find can be admitted in court.  You will learn how to establish and use sound evidence handling procedures and how to conduct examinations using sound forensic examination procedures.  See course information for information about what the course covers.

Our typical students are government, military, law enforcement officers, those who wish to start their own forensic examination business or professionals such as network administrators, MIS and IS specialists, auditors, fraud examiners, private investigators and similar specialists who may encounter computer media that contains potential evidence or other significant data.  Please take a moment to see who we have trained.

If you are looking at other schools for your forensic training, check out how long they have been in the forensic computer examination business, who owns their company, the experience of those who developed their course material and the experience of their instructors. We have been in the forensic computer examination business for over 13 years.  We developed our training course based upon our experience and we are constantly revising the materials.  Click here for information on our staff.

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